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【Arc battery】

【Arc battery】

Battery shape:Arc

Battery model:258517



Scope of application:Smart ring, arc bracelet, etc

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Product properties::Maximum charging and discharging current 10A

USB output: :5V / 2A

DC output: :8.4 ~ 14.6v/5a

Product size::305*220*160mm/9Kg

Operating temperature::20~+60℃

Scope of application::Outdoor power supply, large-scale power supply, emergency power supply in case of power failure, power supply for fishing boats going to sea, etc

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Battery shape:prismatic cell

Battery type:18650 battery pack

Product characteristics:The shell is made of flame retardant and fireproof material, with built-in over-voltage, over-current, overcharge, temperature control and short-circuit protection, which is rechargeable and stable。

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【Smart POS machine polymer lithium battery customization】

【Smart POS machine polymer lithium battery customization】

Battery Shape: Prismatic cell

Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Battery Customization

Customized requirements:Enhance the safety performance; Reasonably increase the volume of intercom battery compartment

Customized products:Reasonable enlargement of battery space design and use of nanotubes to increase energy density will double the talk time of intercom.

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