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UFine Hainan RV self driving trip in May 1, 2020!

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Life is not only the work at hand, but also poetry and mountains, fields and sea far away.

There are not only two frontlines between the office building and the home, but also a rich and colorful group happy time.

In February, due to the impact of the epidemic, the situation of employees arriving at their posts was not optimistic. The management of the company had been working hard at the production line, only to make the commitment of timely quality and supply to customers. All the partners should be respected and admired for their earnest, attentive and conscientious work!

Youfei has always been adhering to "happy work, happy life!" Company philosophy.

When we decided to start a self driving tour of Hainan, we were all excited and happy. Then plan the route and accommodation.

ake a look at all kinds of tools, rations, firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea that we prepared before the launch!

Of course not without it!
w2.jpgThere must be a sense of ceremony before departure! ————Yesterday hard work, today poetry and distance
w3.jpgLuxurious RV, let's enjoy chatting or taking a rest all the way on the journey

Youth is a period of wanton flying years, those diligent working hours sometimes always need to use a journey to show the gorgeous and colorful beauty like summer flowers.

The first stop of Hainan self driving trip - Hailing Island, Yangjiang!

It's night to enter Hailing Island. The most amazing thing about the trip is the accident!

It's unexpected and unexpected!

Yes, we drove our RV to the beach of Hailing Island, which is full of ocean charm. How can we have our dream beach barbecue without driving on the beach?

Lucky RV also fell in love with this fascinating beach, and wanted to enjoy the bright moon on this beautiful beach.

The car fell into the soft sand, and the wheels of the car only turned in the spare time, showing a greedy look.

People come up with ideas, looking for stones, digging sand, lighting lights. Each busy, but tacit cooperation. Everything is ready, all the people push their carts together, and the slogan vibrates the silver sea! One round of effort after another is the unity of goals.

Beautiful beach, enjoy the sea banquet! ————Spicy beach crawfish!

Eat crayfish, we are very serious!

Hailing the next day!

Love the beautiful scenery, love you on the road, me, him!

I have seen the blue sea in the night, and then I have a look at the magnificence of the sea in the sun. My heart is slowly relaxed at this time. The vision is magnified with the sea.

Clean coastline, spray blossoms. This is the poetic face to the sea, spring flowers.

Walking on the coast of this golden beach, listening to the waves, picking up shells, and encountering stray fish.


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