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Why are hearing aid batteries becoming less and less "durable"? What factors affect life span?

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A problem that many people will find when using the battery is that the more the battery is used, the less durable it will be. Not only for the cell phone battery, but also for the hearing aid. Let's see what factors will affect the use of the hearing aid battery.
1. Duration of hearing aid
When we use the hearing aid, the time, volume, function and environment of each day will affect the battery of the hearing aid and determine the usage of electricity.
2. Power
For the same type of hearing aid, if the power of the device is larger, the power consumption will be more. It should be noted that even the hearing aid with the same power will also affect the power consumption due to the increase of hearing loss and other aspects.
3. Function
If the function of the hearing aid used increases, the power consumption will increase correspondingly. Now there are many hearing aid products on the market, and they are also increasing day by day in terms of function. Many functions are designed, including burst noise suppression, speech in noise, etc. The more functions are opened, the faster the power consumption will be.
4. Environmental factors
The use time of hearing aid battery also includes environmental factors. Too low temperature or too high temperature will affect the use time and service life of the battery. It is better to store it in the range of 10 ° c-30 ° C. In addition to temperature, pay attention to humidity, and use it in a dry environment. At the same time, do not have bad use habits when using, for example, take out the battery in time when not in use.
Therefore, just because of the above reasons, it will affect the service life of the hearing aid battery. You must know when you use it.


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