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What are the advantages of polymer batteries? Why stand out!

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In fact, among many batteries, polymer battery is still popular and popular. What are the characteristics of polymer battery? Why is it so popular? Let's talk about the advantages of polymer battery.
I. high energy density
Compared with ordinary 18650 batteries, the capacity can only reach about 2200 Ma, so the density can reach 500 W / L, but the energy density of polymer batteries can reach about 600 W / L at present, so the energy density of polymers is still relatively high.
II. Good safety performance
We all know that in extreme cases, there will be violent chemical reaction inside the battery, which can produce a large amount of gas. For 18650 battery, the metal shell is used, which also has certain strength. When the internal pressure rise reaches a certain level, the steel shell will break and explode. Then when the explosion occurs, the harm will be greater, but the polymer will be more dangerous Relatively speaking, the battery will not have such a problem. In the same extreme situation, the worst case is combustion, but it will not break or explode.
III. flexible production design
Polymer battery is not a fixed production mode like several other batteries, and polymer battery can be designed according to the needs of customers, so it is relatively flexible, so it is also loved by many people.
The above is about the characteristics of polymer battery. I believe that many doubted friends will come to realize the reason why you like polymer battery. This article can help you.


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