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Comparison between polymer battery and lithium battery

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Polymer battery and lithium battery are the two kinds of batteries that we often use in our daily life. But for novice Xiaobai, we don't know the difference between the two kinds of batteries very well. Let's take a specific look at the differences between the two kinds of batteries.
1. Raw materials
This is the most fundamental difference between the two kinds of batteries. Polymer battery refers to the battery's positive, negative and electrolyte parts, at least one of which is made of polymer materials. Compared with small molecules, polymer has higher strength, good toughness and elasticity. The most common way is to use polymer materials to make anode and electrolyte, but there is no such requirement for lithium battery.
2. Shaping
In the aspect of molding, polymer battery has greater operability, can be thinned, and can also be made of any area and shape at the same time. The reason is that the electrolyte in polymer battery is not in the form of liquid, it can be solid or colloidal. The lithium battery uses electrolyte, so it needs to be wrapped with a solid shell, so the weight of lithium battery is usually heavier.
3. Safety
Nowadays, most of the polymer batteries on the market are soft pack batteries, which use aluminum-plastic film as the shell. Therefore, when organic electrolytes are carried out inside the battery, even if the internal temperature is very high, there will be no explosion. However, lithium battery may explode to a certain extent. If the instantaneous current is large enough, it is easy to have a short circuit.
This is probably the difference between polymer battery and lithium battery. When purchasing, we need to gather our own actual needs, so that we can better use them.


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