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Is the 18650 lithium battery repairable? What are the repair methods?

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Generally speaking, the normal service life of a 18650 battery is 1000 times of cyclic charging, because the unit density and capacity of the battery is very large, so the battery is mainly used in notebook computers. In addition, the battery has stable performance at work, so it will also be used in electric lying, medical devices, printers and other places. Recently, many people have asked if the battery can be repaired due to failure? If you want to know, read on.
1. Poor contact between battery and mobile phone due to long-term non use
Many people seldom use old mobile phones when they have new mobile phones. When they want to use old mobile phones sometimes, they find that the 18650 cell phone battery is in poor contact with the mobile phone. At this time, you can use an eraser or other cleaning tools to remove the rust on the battery surface, and then the battery can return to normal contact with the mobile phone.
2. The battery cannot be charged after charging for a while
When you find that the battery can't be charged for a while, you can take the battery off and put it for a week. In this week, you can slowly consume the battery capacitance. Then you can use the charger to charge the battery. When it's full, you can disconnect it and then flush it again and again. Generally speaking, the battery will return to normal. If this happens again, it's recommended that you charge the battery Send the pool to the manufacturer for maintenance.
18650 battery has some small faults. In fact, you can solve them by yourself. If the quality of the battery causes it, you need to find the manufacturer to deal with it. After all, you are not the person who produces the battery, and you certainly don't know how to repair the battery. In the end, I'll tell you a trick to use the battery. When you find that the cell phone battery is not used, you can put it in a low temperature environment, and then charge it in a normal environment, and the waiting time of the cell phone will increase.


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