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What are the advantages of 18650 lithium battery?

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It can be said that 18650 battery is the ancestor of all lithium batteries. Many people will wonder why this lithium battery is called by this name. In fact, 18650 represents the size of the battery, 8 represents the diameter of 18mm, 65 represents the length of 65mm, and 0 represents the cylindrical battery. Although the battery has been out for a long time, it does not affect its market position in the battery at all. Today I want to tell you the advantages of the battery.
1. Large capacity
The general battery capacity is only 800MAH, while the most common 18650 lithium battery capacity is 1200mAh. With the current scientific and technological progress, the battery sold in the market can reach 5000mAh, satisfying different industries.
2. Long service life
The 18650 lithium battery produced by regular large manufacturers has a very long service life, with a normal service cycle life of up to 1000 times, and the cycle life of ordinary batteries is about 200-300 times.
3. No memory effect
In the past to charge the battery, you need to empty the remaining battery power to continue charging, which is very troublesome. But the 8650 lithium battery has no memory effect, so it doesn't need to empty the remaining power before charging.
4. High safety performance
In order to improve the safety performance of the battery, the positive and negative poles of 18650 battery are separated, which makes the battery not easy to be short circuited, and a protection plate can also be added, which can avoid the battery failure caused by overcharge and excessive discharge of the battery.
The advantages of 18650 battery are introduced here. Recently, you can also enjoy preferential prices when you buy the battery. If there is a large demand for the battery, you can directly find a reliable manufacturer on the Internet to order. In terms of price, it is definitely lower than you go offline to negotiate the price. After all, the operation cost of online manufacturers is low, and you can also get preferential prices.


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